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  Foster Care (CPA)

The families and children involved in our Foster program are offered the best services available.

Hope For Tomorrow is continuously adding new Christian families. Hope For Tomorrow families are our number one resource and the main reason for our success rate with children placed in our care. These families, our training and the blessings of our Father in Heaven and his son Jesus Christ are truly the main ingredients in making a difference in the life of a child.

We serve basic and therapeutic needs children with multi-cultural families. We have married and single parent homes, group homes, and rural or city homes. Whenever possible, we try to keep siblings together. We strive to meet the needs of each individual child. Our families have been helping children for years and are highly qualified therapeutic child care providers.

Foster Parent Requirements
Prospective Foster and/or Adoptive Parent(s) must meet the following requirements..
This list is not meant to be all inclusive. Additional requirements may exist. Please contact an HFT representative for a complete list of requirements.

• Be at least 21 years of age

• Have a valid TX drivers license

• Have a high school diploma

• Have reliable transportation

• Have current auto insurance

• Be willing to provide information
  for a background check

• Meet all training requirements

• Be willing to abide by
  policies and procedures of HFT

Training Requirements

HFT foster families must complete annual training.
This training includes CPR/First Aid, Restraint and
Psychotropic Meds, Behavior Modification, and
other Therapeutic trainings. HFT provides classes
that are available to help you meet the special needs
of your children.
HFT publishes a training calendar of classes and
locations across Texas outlining the courses available
in your area. All classes are taught by or sponsored
by HFT and HFT staff.

Adoptive families generally follow the same
training as foster families with the addition of
PRIDE training. PRIDE training is also offered
by HFT staff .


New foster families are required to complete 40 hours of observation prior to becoming licensed.

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Send completed applications to:      HFT Devlopement
 1305 Early Blvd.
                                                              Early, TX 76802

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